Finding Love In Dating Online Sites

There are already thousands of proofs that dating online sites are a successful place to find love. I have never believed the power and popularity of dating online sites until I’ve read about this. Big celebrities are also going crazy about it. Charlie sheen when he was moving forward with denise Richards, reportedly chat up girls on the internet. Jenifer Aniston reportedly paid a six figure sum to an online dating agency to find the perfect guy in 2010. Chase Crawford admitted using Jdate even though he is not Jewish. And Orlando Bloom (before landing up with Miranda Kerr) tried online dating by using his friend’s photo and a fake name on the social networking site, Facebook, in order to seduce women without revealing his real identity as a super famous hearthrob.

So I really cant blame you if you would like to try online dating today. if you are one of those people who wants to try online dating and is hoping for it to succeed, here are some of the things you should know.

Dont write your life story

Nothing turns off a man or a woman more than someone who can’t shut up and is full of themselves. Nine times out of 10, someone won’t even reply to you if you send them a long email or message. They will simply delete your e-mail and move on.

Do Keep all your e-mail replies short (i.e. no longer than three sentences). The first two sentences should be used for answering a question (or questions) they may have asked, and the last sentence should be reserved for asking them a question. Questions keep the “dialogue” moving, and give the sense that you are thoughtful and interested.

Don’t initiate sexual talk

Many women think men have nothing but sex on brain. Though there is some truth to this statement, as a guy you should control yourself. If you are a woman, then initiating sexual talk is a big no-no that will flagged you as an easy to get. You’ll get further in the game by not hinting at or talking about sex. Besides, if you’re looking for aggressive sexual dialogue with someone, there are plenty of “adult” oriented personal sites that cater to that. In this you are looking for adult dating sites and not online dating sites.
Do flirting by witty talks. Do witty talks where you flirt slightly. This way, you are not direct to sexual talk but you are also saying that you are not conservative.

Don’t lie

It’s a known fact that a significant percentage of men and women lie about themselves in dating online sites, whether it’s about marital status, income, education level, or occupation, when it comes to creating an online profile of themselves. I’m a true believer that the lies will catch up with you — sooner rather than later. And if you find someone who is really interested in you, and you’ve lied to them, it would be really hurtful.
Do stay true to yourself. The best advice to get a person to like you is to be true to yourself and be confident about it.

Don’t appear too eager to go on a date. Don’t appear to not be interested too.

Unless a woman immediately asks to meet you (and some will), a rule of thumb about asking a woman for a date is to wait at least a week after the initial contact before asking her out. If you ask her out too soon, when she’s not ready and comfortable, she’ll disappear. If you wait, one of the things that will go through her mind is, why isn’t this guy asking me out? Ask in the right time.