Compatibility Match – Are You Made For Each Other?

Most people don’t recognize incompatibility until it’s too late. They’ve already invested their selves in the relationship only to see their hearts broken a few months or years later. That is why knowing how compatible you and your partner is very important. You might think, compatibility match quizzes and factors are just for teens, grownups don’t care and just try everything to make their relationship work. This is wrong! Knowing if you are made for each other saves you lots of heartaches and even thousands of dollars for divorce. So here are some factors to consider to know your compatibility match.

Sexual Compatibility

I have always wondered why many men and women seem to put sexual compatibility low on their list of priorities, sexual incompatibility is one of the main relationship breakers. Sex is important in your life and relationship. Find out sexual compatibility by listing down all the things that you like and dislike sexually. Don’t be shy here with each other. Good communication skills are also very important when it comes to sex

Emotional Compatibility

There are lots of things to consider for emotional compatibility. On top of the list is how committed they are in the relationship. He might be looking in taking it slow and she might be too serious and that would be a problem. We should consider both our general natures and how we behave under stress to determine emotional compatibility. What happens when couples disagree is another indication that shouldn’t be ignored. If he typically withdraws from talking and she has a strong need to hash things out verbally, this couple is not emotionally compatible.

Intellectual Compatibility

Deep discussions aren’t necessarily an indicator of intellectual compatibility (though they can be for people who enjoy them). Intellectual compatibility pertains to whether a couple has similar education levels and interests. Does this couple understand each other easily? Is each of them genuinely interested in the kinds of things their partner enjoys? I cant imagine a partnership with one being really dumb and one being very intelligent.

Spiritual Compatibility

Religion is one of the touchy topics for everyone and sometimes religious belief makes or breaks a relationship. Even atheists have a spiritual position – that God does not exist. Other people are firmly convinced that there is a higher power guiding them, and they want a partner who feels the same. A couple should share the same religious belief or can compromise in it. Even if you share religious denominations, you should clearly state the degree to which you count on including religion in your life. If you and your significant other hail from different religions altogether, then the last thing I recommend is leaving this issue unattended. If you thought deciding on which kind of wedding you should have was a thorny issue, just wait until the children come up.

Financial Compatibility

Since money troubles tops the list of relationship problems, couples should ensure they are financially compatible. If both are frugal, they’re likely to be compatible, but if one is a spender and one’s a saver, conflicts can arise. If your goal in life is to build an empire while hers is to donate half her income to charity, you may be headed for splitsville. On a related note, if you want her to be independent and on a solid financial footing but see that she is keen on being served on a silver platter, then you may be headed for an expensive divorce.

I can say that I’m lucky enough to find someone that is so compatible with me. We are both top in our class, we both have desires to be successful and to save money no matter what. We love romantic cuddling sex. But we also have our differences, like we have different religion. In determining compatibility match, remember that it doesn’t mean for you to be similar in all ways. Sometimes being opposites is more helpful. As for me as an example, my partner is quick to anger and I on the other hand have long patience, so it’s like yin yang. I guess, in the end you really don’t need to be perfect compatible. Two or three in our list would be great. Anyway, real compatibility match is how you can both compromise with each other.

Finding Love In Dating Online Sites

There are already thousands of proofs that dating online sites are a successful place to find love. I have never believed the power and popularity of dating online sites until I’ve read about this. Big celebrities are also going crazy about it. Charlie sheen when he was moving forward with denise Richards, reportedly chat up girls on the internet. Jenifer Aniston reportedly paid a six figure sum to an online dating agency to find the perfect guy in 2010. Chase Crawford admitted using Jdate even though he is not Jewish. And Orlando Bloom (before landing up with Miranda Kerr) tried online dating by using his friend’s photo and a fake name on the social networking site, Facebook, in order to seduce women without revealing his real identity as a super famous hearthrob.

So I really cant blame you if you would like to try online dating today. if you are one of those people who wants to try online dating and is hoping for it to succeed, here are some of the things you should know.

Dont write your life story

Nothing turns off a man or a woman more than someone who can’t shut up and is full of themselves. Nine times out of 10, someone won’t even reply to you if you send them a long email or message. They will simply delete your e-mail and move on.

Do Keep all your e-mail replies short (i.e. no longer than three sentences). The first two sentences should be used for answering a question (or questions) they may have asked, and the last sentence should be reserved for asking them a question. Questions keep the “dialogue” moving, and give the sense that you are thoughtful and interested.

Don’t initiate sexual talk

Many women think men have nothing but sex on brain. Though there is some truth to this statement, as a guy you should control yourself. If you are a woman, then initiating sexual talk is a big no-no that will flagged you as an easy to get. You’ll get further in the game by not hinting at or talking about sex. Besides, if you’re looking for aggressive sexual dialogue with someone, there are plenty of “adult” oriented personal sites that cater to that. In this you are looking for adult dating sites and not online dating sites.
Do flirting by witty talks. Do witty talks where you flirt slightly. This way, you are not direct to sexual talk but you are also saying that you are not conservative.

Don’t lie

It’s a known fact that a significant percentage of men and women lie about themselves in dating online sites, whether it’s about marital status, income, education level, or occupation, when it comes to creating an online profile of themselves. I’m a true believer that the lies will catch up with you — sooner rather than later. And if you find someone who is really interested in you, and you’ve lied to them, it would be really hurtful.
Do stay true to yourself. The best advice to get a person to like you is to be true to yourself and be confident about it.

Don’t appear too eager to go on a date. Don’t appear to not be interested too.

Unless a woman immediately asks to meet you (and some will), a rule of thumb about asking a woman for a date is to wait at least a week after the initial contact before asking her out. If you ask her out too soon, when she’s not ready and comfortable, she’ll disappear. If you wait, one of the things that will go through her mind is, why isn’t this guy asking me out? Ask in the right time.

How Do I Get A BF Do’s and Don’ts

You know you are pretty, intelligent and has a great personality. There’s only 1 catch, you’re still single and you don’t want to be. You are not alone in this; many great women I know are still asking why they are single. So what’s been keeping you single? Read this how do I get a bf do’s and don’t’s and know exactly why you don’t have a guy and what it will take to get one. Read on.

Do’s: Get the ball rolling by asking all your friends if they know any single guys. Being so forward may seem awkward, but if you have the mantra “nothing to lose.” (yeah, it’s a little corny) it will just be easy for you. Plus being fearless always gets the guy.

Do’s: Perfect your come-hither look. Tilt your head slightly down and to the side, then look up from under your lashes and smile. This pose shows guys it’s okay to approach — trust us, it works.

Do’s: Take a kickboxing or weight-lifting class at the gym. Arrive a little early so you can score a spot next to a buff guy and ask for some personal training.

Do’s: Join a group with a large guy-to-girl ratio, like a runners’ club or ping-pong team. Not the sporty type? Volunteer with a non-profit like Big Brothers or Big Sisters

Do’s: “Accidentally” bump into a sexy man when you’re at the grocery store. It’s an instant convo starter (hey, you gotta say “sorry”), and the physical contact from your little collision makes the exchange more intimate.

Do’s: Do checkout your daily environment again and take a look if there are some guys that are hitting on you. Sometimes, you are just too busy at work or school that you haven’t notice a guy hitting on you. Or sometimes, the right guy is just around you but you haven’t given him the chance to connect.

Do’s: Be confident! I know it’s hard to be confident especially if you yourself is asking the question how do I get a bf and why don’t I have a bf. But cheer up and chin up. Confidence is the best way to win a guy.

Don’ts: Don’t stalk your ex on Facebook. It needs to stop now! Instead, use it to search for guys you crushed on in high school. Send them a message and start a conversation

Don’ts: Don’t come in a bar with a pack of girl friends. Men tend to be intimidated if you are with a large group. So instead go with just two friends or pull away from your friends if you see a cute guy checking up on you.

Don’ts: Don’t be needy. You met a guy last weekend, he texted a few times, and now you just won’t leave the guy alone. You went from 0 to 60 in a few days. Chill out and give the guy a space.

Don’ts: Don’t be a princess. Listen girl, in this modern times, men like prince charming (who worship your every ground, who do whatever you want, follow you everywhere or call you everytime) are extinct. Plus you really would not want guys who just do what you say, they should have their balls.

Don’ts: Seriously, stop being a bitch. I’ve heard guys speak in awe of mean girls, but Chuck Bass is the only guy I’ve ever seen who really wanted to love one, and he’s fictitious. Sometimes, guys want to get with mean girls because they’re powerful, but that relationship isn’t about love.

Don’ts: And last but not the least, don’t be picky. If you are perfect on your own ways and still do ask the question how do I get a bf, then this might be your problem. You want a guy who is well-educated, financially successful, handsome, funny, witty, generous, blah blah blah. You want a 10 – a perfect one. Get realistic. Keep an open mind when you’re sizing up men. Allow yourself to find the good ones, not the perfect ones.

Advice in Relationship For Men

Dating and having a relationship is different. A survey says men are better than women in dating. But women are by far better in handling relationships than men. So what it is that men cant get about relationships? What are the things they need to consider in order to keep their relationship happy, healthy and fulfilling for them and their partners? Here is a list of advice in relationship for men that are 100% helpful. Most of these, you’ve already heard, but not all you’ve taken by heart.

* Your partner is not one of your “guy” friends – While you may remember this bit of relationship advice for men when you’re behind closed doors with the lights down low, it’s important to take note of in the light of day, too. Whereas you and the guys might hang out for hours on end and barely say a word to each other, women like to be acknowledged. They like to talk and they like to be noticed when they’re in a room. Don’t treat your lady like “one of the guys” or your may live to regret it.

* Your partner may see intimacy differently than you do – It is not uncommon for men to view intimacy as sex only. Ladies don’t always have the same frame of reference. To them, intimacy between a couple may also include holding hands, snuggling on the couch, stolen hugs or kisses in the hallway before work, or even brief brushes as you pass by each other on your way out the door. This important piece of relationship for advice for men can help you maintain a strong connection with your partner even when the desire for sex may wane for a time.

* Your partner may communicate differently – The nuances between the way men and women tend to communicate are so strong that entire books have been written on the topic. To get the most out of this relationship advice for men, take note of those differences and learn how to bridge the gap. Since communication is key to the long-term survival of your relationship, you’ll want to learn how to get her to share her feelings, help work out your problems and more. You may also want to work on your own communication skills to ensure that your messages get across when they are important.

* Your partner may appreciate words as well as actions – Relationship advice for men doesn’t always cover this point, but it should. Whereas men may be more action-driven, women tend to value words as well. To keep your relationship strong or even to begin to repair any damage that may be present, you will want to use both measures. For example, tell her you love her often. Also, take steps to show her you love her by being considerate of her feelings, assisting with work around the house, making romantic gestures, and so on.

The fact that you are reading this advice in relationship article up to the very end is a good indication that you really want to be serious this time. And if you follow the advices above, I’m sure that everything will work out just fine. Just remember when you want to make a real impact on the lady in your life, your attempt to understand her, support her and care for her can help your relationship go the distance. Even small gestures backed up by the right words and sincerity can help you two bridge any gaps that have been formed.

Love Spells To Charm Him or Her

Every country and culture is rich with magic stories and believers. Whether or not you believe in it, the fact remains that even in today’s world many people still search for spells and portions in order to get a certain goal. One of the most sought out spell is love spells. Many people are looking for love spells or love potion that has an immediate effect and would make someone fall in love with them.

Here’s how your own love spell can be done.

Step 1: Set your intention clearly. You know the saying be careful what you wish for? This is true for every spells you would do. Make sure you are clear with your intention or else things will go wrong. Are you hoping to get someone special to notice you? Dispel negativity from a wounded relationship? Spice up a lackluster love life? Get a very clear picture in your mind of what you’d like to accomplish.

Step 2: Gather symbolically materials. Exactly what you choose (and in what combination) should be based on the kind of love you want to attract. Choose candles, cloths, papers, flowers, or other objects in a color (or colors) whose associations fit your needs. For example red usually symbolize strong feelings and lust while pink is more nurturing. White is pure and innocence and violet has sort of a royal or rich type. If you happen to have an item taken from that person (ex. hair, a piece of clothing, a letter, an item they borrowed), be sure to include it.

Step 3: Choose the right place to cast the spell. A place where you won’t be disturbed. Better if it is done outdoors where beautiful scenery like a beach is presence. However, your number one priority should be privacy and the ability to concentrate, so stay indoors in a clean, cozy room if necessary.

Step 4: Cast a circle. Spread sea salt in a circle around the space where you want to work for protection, adding rosemary if desired. If necessary, smudge the area by burning sage to cleanse it of negativity.

Step 5: Cast the spell. Start by lighting the candles and concentrate on your intention. Visualize the scenario you would like to experience in real life; make it as real as possible by imagining with all your senses. If you feel comfortable doing so, chant your intention aloud; otherwise, repeat it in your head or even write it on paper and burn it, allowing it to go out into the universe. Make a rhyming spell if desired. This can make your ritual more potent. You may even want to include the name of a relevant god or goddess into the spell if that fits with your personal philosophy.

Step 6: Repeat for effect. The more you concentrate on your intent, the more powerful a signal you will send. Perform this ritual every day / week / full moon / whatever other length of time feels appropriate and be grateful in advance for your success.

So there you have it, the steps to conjure a real love spell.

In the end, I do believe in love spells but I also believe that by using it, you not only pervert the very idea of love but also affect free will. Love is a very spontaneous emotion – that’s what makes it so great – and you just cannot manipulate someone to love you. If you have fallen in love with someone and want them to be in love with you too, then you have to work a little harder (than just making love spells) to prove yourself. Anyway, the ripest fruits come from those that we put lots of efforts.